Take a virtual walking tour of Paris

The thing I miss most about Paris is not a particular pastry, or a particular park, but just the atmosphere and the feeling it evokes. If I had a day in Paris now, I would lace up my unfashionable American sneakers and just walk, as long and as far as I could, surrounded by the familiar Parisian sights and sounds that warm my heart.

That experience is more or less what you get in this amazing video by GlobeTrotterAlpha. It’s a day in the life of Paris, 50 luscious minutes stitching together clips from around the city. There’s no tour guide and no background music, so don’t expect to be entertained—just mesmerized and transported.

If you’ve been to Paris, you’ll delight in the everyday sounds of the city: the tinny ambulance siren, the crunch of shoes on sand in the Tuileries, the metallic whir of the metro at Rivoli station. It may take you down memory lane, to little places you remember—for me, the Orange store where I bought my French phone, my favorite jazz club, and the metro entrance I always used after my evening classes at Sciences Po.

Though there’s a few too many shots of La Défense (isn’t that outside the city of Paris?), and I wish they’d explored more neighborhoods, who am I to complain? Short of a $500 plane ticket, this is the closest I’ll feel to home.

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